Our Product

Our product is 100% fresh lemon arriving directly from the fields to your table. It grows in Northwest Argentina by the area near the foothills of the Andes in an environment of peace, on the slopes of the Aconquija and the hills of Timbo Viejo, with silence and clean air.

Therefore, our lemons conserve natural aromas, contain the perfect amount of juice, a bright yellow, and the intense and unique flavour of lemon, with all its nutritional properties.


Our Inspiration


Latin Lemon has its origins in the admiration and desire from our ancestors on these lands and Lemons. They taught us to cultivate and to love it, which is why Latin Lemon is like a mixed dream of nostalgia and genuine admiration for Lemons, it´s nature and environment. For all this is why we feel inspired by the production of our lands by our own hands to send to the world our most precious Lemons.





Latin Lemon SRL

Ruta 157. Km 23, (4168)

Bella Vista, Tucumán, Argentina

Tel/Fax: +54 381 4821 113



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Our Product


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