It is one of our main goals.

Our Lemon receives a handmade treatment from the farm to the final destination, ensuring a high percentage of juice for its commercialization in the most demanding markets worldwide.


This high juice content is due to agro-ecological characteristics of an area of unique microclimate where lemon cultivation grows in Northwest Argentina near the foothills of the Andes, 300 meters above sea level, in a very fertile and frank soils, with subtropical (hot and extremely humid) springs, summers and autumns. These factors, together with the contributions offered by technology prestigious research organizations like EEAOC (Experimental Station Obispo Colombres) allows us to put all our emphasis on achieving the best quality on each Lemon that will arrive to your table.


The whole process is certified by Global GAP that ensures food safety, it is essential for the EU requirement.

Latin Lemon is an active member of the ALL LEMON group: tested and certified for export, Argentine quality seal that certifies quality export lemons. Audits and certifies the main 16 exporters from Argentina.


Latin Lemon SRL

Ruta 157. Km 23, (4168)

Bella Vista, Tucumán, Argentina

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